Le Bambou is a family owned and operated restaurant, one catering to the eclectic palate.

Andrew Do, former Saigon pilot, and his wife Cuc Nguyen created their restaurant career in City Heights in 1977.

Cuc Nguyen, a gifted chef in the skill and mastery of Vietnamese cuisine, set forth to introduce the delights of her knowledge of flavors and combinations incorporating those of French and Indochina along with traditional favorites, while creating delicate variations of her own. She rapidly gained a following of enthusiastic patrons.

Despite the fact she raised six children at the same time, it never seemed to deter her from the main goal of master chef of Le Bambou. In fact the family is the backbone of their continued success.

In 1986, at the urging of an enthusiastic following of patrons, Andrew and his family , encouraged by their growing popularity expanded their possibilities for greater success by moving the restaurant to Del Mar where it has known greater popularity than ever , and is well known for its impeccable Vietnamese gourmet cuisine.

For the past 38 years chef Cuc Nguyen has consistently retained the traditions of preparation for the high quality dishes served, preparing everything from ‘scratch’ each and every day, thereby maintaining their special flavor and quality.

On entering Le Bambou, you will be greeted by gracious Annie Do, the youngest of the Do children, or on occasion by Andrew Do, himself.

The family has maintained a humble, tasteful and quiet decor that features fresh flowers from Cuc’s home garden complementing each table with its pristine white cloth. To dine at Le Bambou is to experience a delicious meal in the serenity few restaurants are able to offer today, and to know that the family maintained service is par excellance

Le Bambou Restaurant has been the recipient of multiple awards, including San Diego’s best Vietnamese Restaurant……”Bon Appetit!”